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Collinsville Faith in Action brings hope to those in need…

“I had a gentleman who I used to take to go shopping and then he couldn’t anymore and I did the grocery shopping for him. The only reason they can stay in their home is because Faith in Action is there for them.  I enjoy working with care receivers because they are fairly upbeat and most appreciative of anything we do.  And, it’s very rewarding because you’re giving back to the elderly and people who don’t have anyone else.”

Pat Niedringhaus – Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Transportation

  • Shopping

  • Handyman Services

  • Yard Work

  • Companionship

  • Family Respite Care

Care Receiver Stories

“My need is the ability to get to the pool.  I have Lyme disease and have been disabled since 2001.  I have various friends who help me with transportation, but because of the number of needs I have, they cannot meet all of them.

Lyme is a very, very painful disease.  Being able to get in the pool for 1-2 hours significantly reduces my pain and stiffness.  It has dramatically improved the quality of my life.  I can actually sleep in the night and am able to do much more physically.  When I don’t get in the water, it is very hard to move around and carry out simple activities.  I have tried other forms of transportation, but riding in the car is the easiest and least painful for me.  This is why I so greatly appreciate Collinsville Faith in Action.  Being able to get to the pool so improves the quality of my life.”

-Lori B. – Care Receiver