Collinsville Faith in Action first started providing services on Valentine’s Day in 1998. This was not initially the intended date to begin services, but there was an individual in the community who needed transportation, and CFIA staff stepped in to lend a hand.  Since this date, it is estimated that CFIA has helped over 2,440 individuals through our Volunteer Caregivers program which provides a simple ride to the store, a companion for attending a ‘doctor’s appointment, or even just a listening ear to those who do not have many people around to converse with.

In 2017, CFIA reached into the communities we served with 114 volunteers, provided 4,471 hours of service through those volunteers, and drove 34,456 miles to necessary appointments and shopping destinations. There were a total of 167 individuals who received these services from CFIA.

At the height of the Covid pandemic, CFIA continued to provide services but with far fewer volunteers, and we implemented safety measures to keep our volunteers and clients safe. In 2021, we relied on the committed volunteerism of 69 regularly-scheduled volunteers and 50 volunteers who worked only occasionally. Together, these two sets of volunteers provided 2,332 hours of service to 128 individual clients. CFIA volunteers drove nearly 19,000 miles taking clients to medical appointments and running errands.

Additionally, in 2021 our Answers on Aging Specialist held hundreds of one-on-one appointments with clients to assist them with Medicare reviews and registrations, assisted over 100 clients in applying for a discounted rate on their license plate sticker, and provided Information & Assistance and Information & Referrals to countless clients.